Charter Review - Breanna Lungo-Koehn for Mayor

Charter Review


It’s time to conduct a comprehensive review of our city charter - the document that defines the organization, powers, functions, and procedure of our city government.

Our last charter review was in 1986. Medford has changed dramatically in the last 30 years, and our city government needs to change with our city to be able to meet the needs of today.

Medford is home to some of the most talented people in Massachusetts.  A commission made up of stakeholders from across our city can suggest local governance changes that will make our city more responsive to the needs of all residents. 

In 2016, Breanna helped lead the push to establish a charter commission. Though it passed the City Council with a 4-3 vote, the measure was killed on Beacon Hill.

In any review of the charter, Breanna will fight to apply term limits to the office of Mayor. Like all executive positions, the job of Mayor comes with significant power, responsibility and stewardship in how taxpayer dollars are invested in services and infrastructure.  

Breanna believes term limits should be set for the City’s Chief Executive Officer to ensure new ideas fill City Hall and the City’s interests are always raised above any individual’s accumulation of influence.

Breanna will be Mayor with the energy to get things done for our city and move Medford forward together.

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