I'm excited to share that, together with the Office of Planning, Development and Sustainability we released the Executive Summary of our Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. The full plan will be ready to release later this fall, but the Executive Summary includes an overview of 32 strategies across four focus areas: Buildings & Energy, Ecosystems & Natural Environment, Public Health, and Transportation. This Plan will be critical in helping us take bold decisive action, and to continue on actions we have already started, to help shape the future of Medford and deliver a truly sustainable city for future generations.
While the Plan sets short-, medium-, and long-range strategies for addressing climate resiliency, we are already hard at work on several strategies and actions like protecting and growing our tree canopy, investing in stormwater maintenance, installing solar panels, increasing local food system resilience, and more.
Thank you to Alicia Hunt and her team in the Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability for all of their incredible work in developing this plan and summary!
This month, the City signed onto the global Cities Race to Zero Campaign, committing to cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.