Development, Zoning & Planning - Breanna Lungo-Koehn for Mayor

Development, Zoning & Planning


Medford is fast becoming a bedroom community, with more and more people commuting outside the city for work and play. We need to invest more in our own community, creating jobs and growing our local tax base to provide opportunities for our residents right here in our own city. We need to update our antiquated zoning laws, create community-based long-term planning, invest in our small businesses, all while preserving the character of our neighborhoods and keeping housing affordable. 

After decades of seeing the can kicked down the road, WE have made significant progress in just 18 short months.

  • Developed Medford’s first-ever Capital Improvement Plan that identifies capital needs and targeted investments of more than $107.6 million in 123 projects. The CIP helps us prioritize roadway quality, parks and open spaces, fleet and infrastructure management, and modern water and wastewater infrastructure. 
  • Created a new economic development director position to work with residents, businesses, and prospective developers that can add responsible growth to Medford.
  • Negotiated to bring $40 Million in development growth to the Whole Foods Bakery facility that will pay dividends for decades.
  • Kicked off a Comprehensive Planning process to set a shared vision for Meford’s growth. The Plan will provide a basis for decision making about climate adaptation and mitigation, land use planning and redevelopment, budget and capital improvement planning for public facilities and services. 
  • Calculated Medford’s General Land Area Minimum, known as (GLAM), qualifying Medford for Safe Harbor status and giving the City a voice and a seat at the table with respect to large-scale residential developments (40Bs). 
  • Established Medford’s first Housing Production Plan that documents our current housing needs and recommends ways to create a mix of housing types for different income levels.

Looking ahead, we have many more opportunities and plans on the horizon. Our Economic Development team in the Office of Planning, Development, and Sustainability has been working to bring additional life science buildings and spaces into the City of Medford and bringing with it the kinds of jobs and resources that will grow our tax base and development opportunities.