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Parking Enforcement

At the Mayoral Forum at City Hall on Thursday, October 17th, I said "As to parking enforcement, it is broken. If elected I will end the contract which expires in the next mayoral term. I will bring enforcement in house and replace the kiosks with meters. I will provide our seniors with free parking." 

The Mayor announced today that the city will allow free parking to seniors and people with disabilities. Thank you to the Mayor for taking my idea and running with it. Everyone benefits.

Contact: Deanna Deveney,; 781-393-2405
October 21, 2019
Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke Introduces Free Residential Parking Permits for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Mayor Stephanie Muccini Burke is pleased to announce that residential parking permits are now free for seniors ages 65 and over, and that vehicles that display a handicap placard do not need to purchase a residential permit.

Seniors 65+
Free residential permits must be obtained in person at ParkMedford, located at 557B Main Street. Seniors must show a valid Massachusetts driver’s license as well as their vehicle registration reflecting the street for which you require a permit. Two free visitor passes will be provided upon request. Seniors who do not have a vehicle may still get two free visitor passes.

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