From ensuring high quality city services are delivered to residents on a day-to-day basis to creating long-term capital and financial plans in the best interests of the entire community, there are a number of top priorities that have and will continue to drive my work as Mayor. 

Since coming into office last January, we have made incredible progress toward many of the goals and plans I laid out in partnership with our community during my first campaign for mayor. 

We made significant progress on a number of major planning initiatives, and we are investing in our parks and open spaces with more than 30 projects either already underway or scheduled to begin in FY22. We have made improvements to road safety across the City, leveraging state grants and partnerships, and we are finalizing a comprehensive pavement analysis study to guide both preventative maintenance and repairs to our network of roads and sidewalks.We are in the process of bringing parking enforcement in-house. And through it all, we led the City of Medford through a global pandemic, including leading the way on getting our students back into the classroom, safely, by implementing a novel testing program. With all we have accomplished so far, so much important work remains. I hope to have your continued support and friendship as we tackle the work ahead.

Thank you.