Schools, Parks and Recreation


As a mother of three young children, Breanna is personally invested in Medford’s schools. She knows that the safety and quality of our schools, and the education of our children affects everyone in our city, and it will be a priority in a Lungo-Koehn Administration.

Two to three of our schools are beyond comfortable capacity, which is beginning to affect the entire local education system. The city needs to initiate short and long-term plans to ensure that Medford schools can adapt to our changing needs.

The School Committee needs a mayor who will lead transparently and assertively.  She should partner with the Committee and Superintendent to thoroughly examine the budget and ensure resources are being spent efficiently, programs are targeted to meet the challenges of this generation of kids, and the funds are deployed in the best interests of our children.

The recreation department is a great addition to Medford. Breanna wants to focus on adding programming and advertising. For example, the Recreation Department and Community Schools should work together and engage local youth development and sports leagues to create a guide on all of the programming that is offered each season. The Community School’s advertisement and registration process should be brought up to the 21st century with and on-line application system that facilitates online signup and payment. Our parks and playground maintenance and up keep must be a top priority.  Furthermore, better planning and communication tools need to support the efficient use of our scarce facilities.  Community programs shouldn’t be put at odds with one another over park and field use due to insufficient city planning and inadequate communication.  Through better stewardship and field management techniques, we can ensure the best experience possible for kids taking advantage of our amazing youth programs and neighborhood resources.

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