We've started to take some concrete steps to plan the upcoming Mayoral transition and I wanted to share a few thoughts. 

First, we've created a new email address to field any recommendations we should consider as part of the transition: [email protected].  Please share any suggestions or recommendations here. 

Second, we've created a poll to seek additional feedback on priorities.  We would appreciate it if you spend 3 minutes completing this brief survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Medford2019Transition  Feel free to share this publicly with any Medford resident or business owner. 

Third, we've started to assemble a transition committee.  In addition to general recommendations, the committee will focus on i) schools, ii) parking and city services and iii) planning, growth and development.  The committee will also include a subcommittee who will plan a day of service during the first week of January in addition to the inaugural event itself.  The goals of the transition committee will be to i) create avenues for Medford residents to offer additional feedback on priorities, ii) combine that public feedback with their own diverse experience and create recommendations for me to consider when I take office on January 6th, and iii) begin the work of unifying Medford by offering a variety of perspectives a voice at the table. More to come on that in about a week. 

Thank you for the kind notes and offers of support.  The past week has been a humbling experience and I am so grateful to all of you for your encouragement.

All the best,