Transparent & Open Government - Breanna Lungo-Koehn for Mayor

Transparent & Open Government


Forward-thinking city governments need to embrace innovative solutions to solve problems, and above all, they need to be transparent. The city should be televising City Council meetings, School Committee meetings and board and commission meetings like the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board meetings.

We should also be using modern communications tools to share formal and informal city business, including posting information and official City business agendas, up-to-date City budget documents and meeting minutes to City websites. As Mayor, this will be a priority for Breanna.

If Medford is to fulfill its true potential, we need to make city government closer to the people it serves: Public records need to be digitized and made easily available.  We need to move past paper applications and we need to look at new ways to make city government more accessible.  For example, we should re-evaluate SeeClickFix and explore a 311 call center with transparent performance data shared regularly. 

We also need to put more resources into small business outreach and support into welcoming and supporting new residents.

Breanna wants to establish a Welcoming Committee made up of current Medford residents, community groups and business representatives to help new residents navigate the city and to make them feel welcome and excited about investing their future in Medford.

Welcoming packets should be provided to all new residents to educate them on the great things Medford has to offer. Breanna will work with residents and the Chamber of Commerce on this idea.  This will be part of her plans to  strengthen the connection between City Hall, our residents, the Chamber of Commerce and new businesses.

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