Transparent & Open Government - Breanna Lungo-Koehn for Mayor

Transparent & Open Government


Forward-thinking city governments need to embrace innovative solutions to solve problems, and above all, they need to be transparent.

I vowed to bring City services into the 21st century, committed to televising and expanding access to all City meetings, to use modern communication tools to share both formal and informal City business, making the City budget more detailed and transparent, creating a Welcoming Committee to support new residents and businesses, and to use data to drive City services and policies. I am incredibly proud to say that we met or surpassed all of these goals, and there is so much more we can do.


Term 1 Accomplishments Term 2 Goals

Updated Reverse 911 system, saved $20,000 annually

Continue bringing forms, permits to fully
online format

Increased televised meetings on Medford Community Media by 300%; Increased participation in City meetings
by implementing Zoom platform

Bring parking policy & enforcement in-house

Established a Multilingual Resource Line, and added a new Translation line item to the City’s annual budget

Create a Solid Waste Disposal Study Commission to review how Medford throws away their trash, recycles, and composts. This is an enormous expense within our operating budget and the service that we receive should reflect the investment that we make in that service year-over-year.

Worked with local, female-owned business to install 5 e-ink message boards in business districts

Continue to advocate for Charter Review

Overhauled City budget to include greater detail and transparency; won City’s first-ever Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from Government Finance Officers Association


Making upgrades to City’s website


Hired Communications Director, Director of Community Affairs to enhance and expand information to the community; Hired a COVID-19 Public Information Officer


Created bi-weekly e-newsletter


Started monthly Mobile Office Hours, bringing one-on-one meetings directly into the community


Established online permitting process for building permits