The City is installing new Bluebike stations in three multi-modal locations around the City, announced Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn. Medford currently has four other stations in high density locations. 

Installation began at Hormel Stadium on May 16 and Harris Park on May 18. The other installation will be at Haines Square on May 24. Installation will occur throughout May and early June, with each station taking one day to complete. There may be parking restrictions during installation, depending on the location. Traffic was not impacted at the first two locations, but may be temporarily affected at Haines Square. 

“By expanding our network of Bluebikes, we’re increasing access for users to a reliable, cost-effective alternative to gas-powered vehicles, limiting our carbon emissions and reducing congestion to our streets,” said Mayor Lungo-Koehn. “Bluebikes are a sustainable, eco-friendly option to getting around and play an integral part to achieving our climate and sustainability goals.”  

The three new locations expand the City’s network which already includes stations at Tufts Square, Main St. at Brooks Park (near George St.), Medford Square (opposite Riverside Plaza), and Wellington MBTA Station.  

Bluebikes operate through a ‘docking’ system, meaning the bikes must be taken from and returned to a station. Riders can pay per ride or purchase a membership. For more information on how Bluebikes work, please visit: 

With questions or to learn more about this program, visit the City’s Transportation page here: