Screen_Shot_2019-03-30_at_9.47.19_PM.pngAs a mother of three young children, I am personally invested in Medford’s schools. The safety and quality of our schools and the education of our children affects everyone in our city. That is why the City’s FY22 municipal budget included a 9.4% increase to the Schools’ budget, the largest increase the district has seen in decades. Our commitment to our schools, our students, and our teachers will continue to be a top priority. 

Part of that commitment is making sure we have high-quality facilities that meet the needs of our talented and driven student body. The renovation or rebuilding of a comprehensive high school has long been a topic of conversation in the Medford community, but I am committed to taking the necessary steps and actions. The Capital Improvement Plan that my administration created in 2021 calls for a $50 Million investment in this project. I believe a robust renovation plan is right for our students and teachers and provides the quickest path to meaningful improvement while taking into account fiscal responsibility. Under my plan, Medford could see meaningful new improvements by 2024. We can't afford to wait to bring better conditions to the high school, we need to ensure the investments we make here also allow continuing investment in other priorities for education.  

We will continue advocating the state to support Medford in getting the high school our students, teachers and families deserve and I know we can earn that support if we do it together, with urgency.