November 18, 2019

Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Mayor-Elect of Medford Announces Transition Plans

Newly elected Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn has formed a broad transition committee to offer advice and support in the coming transition.

“When I ran for Mayor, I did so with the intent to seek out people across Medford for advice and hard work to make our amazing city even greater. I also knew I wanted to include people that think differently than I do. Transitions are always difficult but this group of committed volunteers has the talent, experience, and diversity that we need to have a successful transition.” Said Mayor-Elect Lungo-Koehn.

The goals of the volunteer group will be to 1) create avenues for Medford residents to offer additional feedback on priorities, 2) combine that public feedback with their own diverse experience to create recommendations for Mayor-Elect Lungo-Koehn to consider as she takes office in January, and 3) begin the work of unifying Medford by offering a variety of perspectives a voice at the table.

Lungo-Koehn has selected Sean Caron of Chandler Rd. to chair the Committee. Caron is currently Managing Director of Harvard University Real Estate. He previously served as Chief of Operations at the Community Builders, Counsel for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and Policy Director for Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association. He was gubernatorial appointee to the Medford Housing Authority from 2012-2013 and also volunteers in Medford youth sports.

Stephen Pompeo of Newton Rd. will serve as Assistant Chair. Pompeo brings a depth of experience as a successful Medford business owner and through his involvement in a host of civic issues and roles critical to our community. He has been a member of the Board of Assessors, Board of Park Commissioners, Director of the Medford Chamber of Commerce and co-chair of its Government Affairs Committee. Pompeo will not be joining the administration after the transition, and stated “The work to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption is just beginning, and I’m committed to assisting Breanna so she and her administration can hit the ground running in January.”

Caron added ‘My role is to facilitate a process that results in the best ideas being put on the table for 2020. While I won’t be joining the Administration, the opportunity to serve in this volunteer capacity is a true honor. I am excited to do whatever I can to help position Medford for the positive, inclusive change Mayor-Elect Lungo-Koehn has called for.’

Transition committee members include:
(*descriptions and affiliations for identification purposes only)

Sean Caron. Chair. Chandler Rd.

Stephen Pompeo. Assistant Chair. Newton Rd.

John Costas. Haines St. Owner, Medford Electronics. President, Medford Chamber of Commerce.

Joan Cyr. Cedar Rd. North. Associate Director, Research Operations & Systems, Northeastern University. Member, Community Preservation Commission.

Henry Milorin. Temple St. West Medford community leader, distinguished veteran, retired from systems programming at Fidelity.

Penny Outlaw. High St. Co-President, Royall House & Slave Quarters. Chief Human Resources Officer at Partners in Health.

Marielena P. Tecce, Psy.D. Sheridan Ave. Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  


Transition subcommittee on schools

Katie McCormack. Subcommittee Coordinator. Wildwood Rd. School finance administrator.

Kristy Avino. Carberry St. Co-founder of the Citywide Elementary Alliance. Chair, Medford Disabilities Commission. Labor and Employment Attorney.

Zac Bears. Fellsway West. Medford City Councilor-elect. Executive Director, PHENOM.

Gwen Blackburn. Arlington St. West Medford community leader and former school administrator.

Charlene Douglas, President of the teachers union

Jenny Graham. Ronaele Rd. School Committee member-elect. Co-chair, Brooks PTO. Co-founding member, Citywide Elementary Alliance. Co-owner, Medford-based Zelus Consulting Group.

Andy Milne. Quincy St. Teacher, Medford High School

Angela Moore. Vine St. Parent & PTO Member, Andrews Middle School

Dr. Phyllis Morrison, Andrews St. School administrator.

Brian Villard. Teacher, MyGlynn Middle School

Dr. Peter Cushing, Assistant Superintendent of Schools  


Transition subcommittee on planning, growth and development

Jean M. Nuzzo, PMP, CSL. Subcommittee Coordinator. Paris St. Senior project manager and change management consultant.

Roberta Cameron. North St. Planner, Community Opportunities Group. Chair, Community Preservation Commission. Member, Medford Housing.

Doug Carr. Boston Ave. Principal, CUBE3 Studio. Medford Brooks Estate Land Trust. Medford Historical Commission. Medford Community Preservation Committee.

Chris D’Aveta, AICP. West St. Community Development Professional. Medford youth sports volunteer.

Jacqueline Doherty, Esq. Monument St. Partner, the Doherty Law Firm.

Ryan Lawlor, LEED AP. Main St. Director of Real Estate at Global Partners. Medford youth sports volunteer.

Jim Lister. Winthrop St. Business Manager, Heat & Frost Insulators Local 6.

Melissa A. Miguel, P.E. Bowen Avenue. Supervising Engineer - City of Cambridge DPW.  


Transition subcommittee on parking and city services

Jim Silva. Subcommittee Coordinator. Yale St. Owner, Avlis Consulting. South Medford Residents Together. Arts Collaborative Medford. SafeMedford. GLX working group.

Patricia Brady. Wason St. Licensed Mental Health Counselor and owner, Patricia Brady and Associates.

Erin DiBenedetto. Dearborn St. Outgoing School Committee member. Special education professional.

Monique Devos. Grant Ave. Analyst, Nuance Communications, Inc.

Michael Marks. Wellington Rd. Medford City Councilor.

Anthony Puccio, Electrician/Voke Educator

Within the general transition committee and the subcommittees, some potential topics for discussion will include financial management, capital planning and government efficiency, tools for transparency, reducing silos within government, advancing charter review, how to advance planning, how to ensure new development supports the character of our community, affordability for working families and seniors, advancing environmental sustainability, continuing momentum in the arts, supporting workers, and supporting local businesses, among others.

The Committee and subcommittees will be scheduling public listening sessions over the coming six weeks to gather feedback from all corners of Medford. More details will be announced shortly

In addition, Mayor-Elect Lungo-Koehn will be asking a group of volunteers to plan community service focused on the High School and potential other locations and an inaugural celebration.


Community Service & Inaugural Celebration Subcommittees

Kelly Catallo. Inaugural Celebration Chair. Otis St. CEO, Cosmopolitan Real Estate.

Lisa Colaianni. Doonan St. Sales and Marketing Professional.

Nicole Fortino. Educator.

Lisa Nargi. Andrews St. Communications, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Megan Richard. Educator.

Bill Carr Jr. MHS Service chair. Blakely Rd. President, Bay State Door Specialties. Community volunteer in youth sports and the Field of Dreams.

Inauguration Details

The tentative date for the Inauguration is Sunday, January 5th at 10am. A website will be established and shared in the coming days that will provide additional details on tickets and program.

Other ways to get involved

In addition, transition recommendations can be emailed to: [email protected]

A survey will also available through Dec. 15th for any resident to fill out to share their views:

Lungo-Koehn would also like to highlight the following appreciation and thoughts: “Thank you for your ongoing engagement. Medford is strong and we’re going to get even stronger. We do so by working together. The feedback I receive through this process will help us hit the ground running come January. I am thrilled to tackle the hard work ahead. I know the challenges are difficult but also know we’re up for tackling them if we do so together as a unified City.”