Mystic Avenue Zoning - August 13th Update - Breanna Lungo-Koehn for Mayor

Mystic Avenue Zoning - August 13th - UPDATE

Mayor Burke’s decision to withdraw her proposed Mystic Ave zoning changes last night is a welcome step to ensure our neighborhoods are engaged in their future and more haphazard luxury apartment developments don’t crowd out thoughtful opportunities to see Medford grow.

The abrupt change of direction from Mayor Burke indicates what we already know - the current administration lacks vision and lacks any plan for Medford’s future development or sufficient capacity to execute positive change.

As frustrating as this has been, I am uplifted by the energy and engagement we have seen from our community members who have demanded a better process. The withdrawal of the proposed changes would not have happened without the communities involvement.

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste and I look forward to working with my fellow councilors, the zoning consultant we are hiring and our neighborhoods and businesses to bring about much needed planning and zoning changes done the right way.

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